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From ragged dress of remote antiquity to splendid dress of flourishing age,  human being have been pursuing for comfortable better life since their born.  Shoes,  as an essential part of human daily life,  carry human life and extend civilization footprints.  However,  an allusion called “cutting the feet to fit the shoes” shows us the pains human have suffered in their feet.  Fengdun regards “releasing human feet” as its own duty,  devoting to make comfortable and beautiful shoes for every pair of feet.  Thus Fengdun leather shoes is established and we no longer need to “cut the feet to fit the shoes”.  Shandong Fengdun Leather Shoes Co.,Ltd. is located in Gaomi,  which is also known as Fengcheng and the hometown of Yanying,  Zhengxuan,  Liuyong and “the Red Sorghum”.  “Fengdun” leather shoes has become a household name as early as the 1970s.  Developed from the early Gaomi Fengdun Shoes Factory and the subsequent Weifang Fengdun Shoes Co.,Ltd.,  Shandong Fengdun Leather Shoes Co.,Ltd. is formally established in June, 2005,  covering an area of 60000m2. It currently possesses fixed assets of RMB 150 million and more than 2600 employees.  Combining R&D,  manufacture and sales,  Shandong Fengdun Leather shoes Co.,Ltd. ranks top among its same industry in various economic indicator with an annual sales revenue of more than 300 million and annual foreign exchange earning of near 200 million.  Granted with the production certification,  CE certification and CSA certification,  it is the important business partner of Qingdao Double Star and Jinhou Group in Gaomi and the designated production enterprise of Mcdonald’s,  Skechers,  Dickies and SFC in China. 
The main products include more than 300 models and six categories,  which are high-grade leather shoes,  causal shoes,  PU injected shoes,  various working safety shoes,  labor protective shoes and children shoes.  Distribution divisions are set up in the major cities of china and sales counters are set up in different shopping malls.  Sales network is proliferated through the whole country.  Popular among domestic and oversea customers,  the shoes are sold to a dozen countries and regions such as U.S., U.N.,  Canada,  Japan,  South Korea,  UAE,  Lebanon,  Pakistan,  Africa and Western Europe.  Fengdun brand shoes is rated as “china’s famous brand”,  “famous brand  of Shandong light industry”,  “Shandong famous export brand”,  “China’s genuine leather licensed products” and “China’s famous genuine leather shoes”.  The acquirement of these honors lays good foundation for the company’s development.
“Fengdun,  professional manufacturer of safety shoes!”  For more than a decade,  Fengdun live up to the expectations,  regards the industry development as its own duty and science and technology as its guide,  devoting to the development and manufacture of safety shoes,  constantly producing new style,  high quality and reasonable price products to make the customers satisfied.
Cooperate with Fengdun,  create better future!  General Manager Jinsun Sui sincerely invite you to Fengcheng Gaomi to witness Fengdun legend!
Company Address:  China shoes industry base - No.1338,  Ping’An Avenue,  Gaomi,  China,  261500
Cooperation hot line:  0536 -2340111